The Daily Three

In our classroom, we are starting something new for our reading time. We are starting a program called the Daily Three (it is actually called the Daily Five, but for older grades we just do three). This is a program several teachers in our school have been learning and implementing throughout the year. As I researched and learned about it, I really think it is something that will benefit my students and help them to become better readers and writers.

The Daily Three is broken down into 3 components. During our reading time, we will have a whole class lesson and then split into our first session. During our sessions, students get to choose which component of the Daily Three they will work on during that time. As they are working, I will be meeting with students either in small groups or for individual conferences. Each session will last about 20 minutes, and then we will meet again as a whole class before splitting into our next session. A description of each component of the Daily Three is listed below.

Read to Self

The first component is called "Read to Self". During this time, students get to practice the strategies we have learned as a class, in small groups, or individual conferences with a book that they choose.

Read to Someone

The next component is "Read to Someone". During this time, students get a chance to practice the strategies we have learned with a partner. This is also a great way to hep with their fluency. There are several different ways that students can participate with Read to Someone such as reading the same book (either echo read, or alternating paragraphs/pages), or reading different books (partner checks for understanding) etc.

Work on Writing

The last component is "Work on Writing". During this time, students get the opportunity to write basicaly whatever they want. They can choose to write a personal narrative, and informative piece, a fantasy, realistic fiction, etc. It is their time to choose to write about something that interests them (we will do whole class assignments during Writing time).